Acorns Gym

The perfect place to start achieving your fitness goals


Acorns Gym contains many areas & includes great member benefits and features such as:

– 2 Multi-purpose Spin/Dance Studios-
– A Stretching area –
– 2 Free weights areas –
– A resistance weights area –
– 2 Cardio areas –
– A Health Suite –
– 2 sets of changing rooms –
– Fully Air conditioned –
– Price for life –
– Free Centre Membership –
– Students –
– Juniors –
– Direct Debits –
– Pay as you go –
– Free Access WiFi –

When joining the gym a trainer will walk you through how to use each piece of equipment – this process is called an induction, it is a requirement for you to become a member here at Acorns.
This will be to show you where the cardio equipment is located to actually demonstrating how the equipment works, as well as programming specific settings to help you meet your goals.

Our fully qualified fitness instructors are always at hand, helping you reach your goals to a healthier, better lifestyle.

As well as every piece of equipment being shown to you, we can explain to you which each individual piece of equipment does and how it can help in certain places and muscles in your body.


Our instructors have a variety of specialist areas to construct exercise programs to suit your personal needs.

– Weight Loss –
– Nutrition & Weight Management –
– Fitness for young people (under 18s) –
– Injuries/disabilities –
– GP Referrals –
– Fitness Testing –

As well as the above, we also are proud to introduce our junior gym session from youths ages 11 – 16, during the specified times they are permitted to use the cardiovascular area, they can also have programmes.


Please be aware that all new memberships must have an induction before use of the gym is permitted.

If you were an existing member and are looking to rejoin, you must complete a new induction if your membership expired 6 months ago or more.

Personalised Workouts

Personalised or free train workouts are started from the SmartPoint when entering the gym.
Members have the choice and flexibility of choosing different personalised workout plans set by their trainer or a free train workout which allows them to exercise at their own pace.  Members can have multiple workout plans assigned to their profile allowing for a different workout each time they visit the gym.