Please Note

Our class timetable repeats weekly, you will be able to view the next 7 days of classes in the calendar below.
The class list for the same day next week will automatically appear at 7am each morning.

Class Descriptions

Aerotone– Hi/LO aerobics consists of 30-50 min exercise followed by a toning session using a variety of resistance bands and weights. Aids tone and burns calories to help shape the body

Dancefit – Rhythmic exercise routines to music combined, designed to increase cardiovascular fitness (heart and lungs)

Kettlebells – The kettlebell is a cast iron weight (like a cannon ball) with a handle. Used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training to give a great calorie burning workout.

Yoga/Fitness Yoga/Yoga Flow – Originating from India, yoga incorporates and teaches breathing control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific body postures. Widely practised for health, relaxation and improvements in flexibility. Fitness yoga is slightly more intense than normal yoga but speak to the instructor if you are new.

Piloxing – A non-stop cardio fusion of standing Pilates, boxing and dance that will push you to your limits. An interval workout that will whip you into shape

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training designed to work the entire body, build lean muscle and tone, explosive power, anaerobic and aerobic fitness and burns 800-1000 calories or more! Suitable for all types.

Indoor Cycling (Spin) – The group fitness phenomenon of the last decade, a non impact session where you will be driven to music to help increase your leg and core strength as well as improve cardiovascular fitness . Self regulated resistance allows the class to appeal to all.

Pilates – This class encourages good posture and strong core stability. Working through a range of controlled movements and breathing techniques this can help improve joint mobility, flexibility and range of movement.
Pump n Shred – A high repetition weight training session with aerobic conditioning included. Barbells and adjustable weights are used to help tone and shape your body.

Prime Time – A session for the over 40s including an hours gentle aerobic class, use of the gym or a game of short tennis and finished with a cuppa to catch up on the gossip.

Legs, Tums & Bums – A mat based class suitable to all levels of fitness especially those new to exercise. You’ll perform movements and exercises to help tone the lower body and improve core stability. Tabata is aimed at a more intermediate level and also incorporates some upper body work as well.

Zumba/Zumba Step – A high energy dance class, learn unique dance moves and combinations in an easy to follow fun and party like format helps to tone the body whilst improving core strength and overall fitness.

Strong (by Zumba) The first non dance based class from the Zumba brand. Revolves around high intensity work but to a beat. Great atmosphere and designed to give you an all over workout.