We understand that you are looking to cancel or freeze your Acorns Health & Fitness membership.
We will be sad to see you go but we do hope we can see you again in the future.


There are 3 options for cancellation

Cancel my membership and remove my details from the system
By cancelling your membership using this form we will remove your details from our system. If you wish to sign up to a membership in future you would need to create a new membership profile from scratch.

Cancel my membership plan but keep my details on the system so I can add a new membership plan at a later date
This option is available if you wish for us to simply remove your “membership plan” – i.e. the membership type you have chosen but keep your profile open. By leaving your profile open but with no membership plan attached, you can simply sign back in at any point and add a new membership without having to setup a new account on the system.

Freeze my membership
We can also freeze your membership temporarily if required, this is useful for breaks for medical procedures and recovery or temporarily moving out of the area.
Just let us know you’d like to unfreeze your account when you return.
A membership freeze needs to be approved by management

Membership Freeze / Cancellation Request