Acorns Health Suite

The perfect place to relax and unwind

The Acorns Health Suite is the perfect place for you to come and relax after your workout, or just to simply recharge your batteries after a long day.

As well as relaxation, the health suite is as it says – healthy!
Using the health suite on a regular basis will make you feel much better, cleaner and healthier.

Our facilities are fitted with separate male and female changing rooms, with shower facilities in both for cleansing the body before and after you have used the health suite.

Non-members can also come to and use the health suite’s facilities for a small fee per visit.
If you are an Acorns member you benefit from having the health suite included in the price of your membership.

Acorns Health Suite houses:
  • Sauna  – A sauna session can be a social affair in which you can disrobe and sit or recline in dry heat with temperatures typically between 70 °C and 100 °C.

  • Steam Room  – The steam room is an enclosed space with large amounts of high temperature steam, creating a high humidity environment. The steam room is maintained at a temperature of 41 °C or above, with a high humidity of around 100%.


Use of the Health Suite facilities at Lordswood Leisure Centre are included as part of our Acorns Health & Fitness membership packages – so why not start now?

Come and relax at Acorns Health & Fitness!