Simmons Family

Why we choose Acorns gym at Lordswood Leisure Centre…

As a busy family it’s often hard to find the time to do those things you really want. To spend time together, keep fit, stay healthy, gain some muscle, stay trim, gain some “me” time, switch off from the mobile. On top of all this to have the help, advice and guidance of some quality and passionate staff who are able, willing and ready to personalise a plan to suit whatever your goal may be or your time will allow.

For our family, Acorns was the single best option that was capable of meeting all of these needs all of the time. More than three years on and it’s still meeting these needs and is an important part of our family life, weather we work out together or individually. A habit we’re glad to have.



I have been a member of Acorns gym for 6 years now, and it is down to the friendly atmosphere and the help of the gym Instructors that have kept me going.  You can get regular programme updated and PT is available if  you need that bit extra.  It’s nice to relax in the sauna and steam room after a hard work out.  Also available to help with any injuries is the Sports Injury Clinic which is a god send for me.  They also offer nutrition help as well so if your serious about getting fit and healthy join Acorns Gym…


Myra Collinson

I was a member for a few years but due to a house move it wasn’t really practical for everyday use so it suits me that I can pay just for classes and still attend my favourite hiit class. James is a great instructor and hiit certainly does the job!


Jim Newton

I started training at Acorns because my wife said I had to! I stayed because I found a really friendly and helpful bunch of Instructors, who try to find ways of motivating and challenging you. The clientele are also friendly and not at all intimidating. There is a wide variety of equipment to use and the membership is better value than at other gyms. It’s easy to get to and parking isn’t a problem. It’s also a nice, clean environment in which to work out.
Also, I’m afraid to leave in case Kirsty beats me up on the school run 🙂