Why not have the perfect tan all year around or top up before or after your holiday?

Here at Acorns Health & Fitness we have the 2 of the latest Sunshower units, both of our our units are separated into their own rooms for maximum privacy & comfort.

Climb into one of our tanning units and feel like you are at the beach in the middle of summer or at a tropical location in the lovely sunshine – perfect for topping up your existing tan or starting your pre-holiday tan!

Pricing & Session times

Members Price Non Members Price
3 Minutes Session £3 £4.30
6 Minutes Session £6 £7.30
9 Minutes Session £8 £9.30
30 Minutes Course £20 £30
60 Minutes Course £35 £45

Infra Tan

Please read before using the sunshowers:

1) Only 60 sunbed or sunshower sessions can be taken in any year.

2) At least 48 hours must be left in between each use of the tanning units.

3) You must clean the units after exiting with the provided products.

4) Adequate protection must be used when using the tanning units.

5) If heat becomes unbearable – Stop.

6) Tanning & safety products are available to purchase at reception.

7) All units are fitted with an emergency stop device for your safety.

8) Pre-Timed intervals are set in the units, just put in your tokens and begin your tanning session.

9) Sun Showers are strictly for people over the age of 18 only