A Statement From Our Operations Director - Spencer Grimwade

Dear Lordswood Leisure Centre, Acorns Fitness Members and supporting members of the community,

I hope you are well, being active, keeping fit and above all staying safe.

We are continuing to promote remote fitness classes via Facebook and Zoom and whilst we would love for the Centre to be open to our members, we are complying with the Government’s guidelines to play our part in helping keep everyone safe by keeping the centre closed until we are told we are able to open once again, we’re certainly looking forward to that day!

As you may be aware, Lordswood Leisure Centre is an independent not-for-profit charitable trust.  Any profit we make is invested back into the Centre for its upkeep as well as innovative projects to ensure we are offering our members the best equipment and services within the Centre’s means.

During these unprecedented times, we have had no other option but to furlough our staff members.  The rateable value of the Leisure Centre also means that we fall just outside of the monetary classification to enable us claim Government grants.  This means that our only potential source of income is through membership fees paid by our valued members.

I am aware that some leisure operators continue to charge their customers a retainer fee or administration fee.  We decided against this option, freezing the direct debits as we are fully aware that members may also be experiencing reduction to their income.  However, sadly, our business is under serious threat in terms of medium to long term sustainability if we do not secure income to meet our operational expenses. Unfortunately our expenses have not ceased despite the Centre’s enforced temporary closure.

Some of our customers have offered to help sustain the Centre by continuing to pay contributions on a voluntary basis, stating that they recognise our value and the benefit we provide for the local community.

I am now asking for your assistance in supporting the Centre through these difficult times, but only if you would like to do so.  This request is, of course, purely voluntary.  If you are in agreement to us restarting your direct debit or would consider paying an administration fee of £5 per month, please contact me on help@lordswood-leisure.co.uk
We would be delighted and grateful for your support and can arrange this for you.

As a charitable trust we are also looking at other options to assist us in raising funds to help us meet our operational expenses such as the donation form you can find on this page.

Please do join our social media pages to keep up to date with any information we may share.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for all the support you have given the Centre.
Very best regards,
Spencer Grimwade

Operations Director
Lordswood Leisure Centre